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What’s Your New Vision?

What’s Your New Vision?

There’s something symbolic about the change of the seasons. While traditionally, January provides us with motivation to make shifts and changes, there’s nothing quite so internally motivating as the impending arrival of spring.

It’s no surprise, then, that with the fresh arrival and awakening that comes with the season, we’re on the cusp of our 11th annual New Visions show. This is an opportunity for renewing, rebuilding, revisiting, and establishing.

At the end of March, St. George will become the hosting ground to nationally-renowned artists and collectors, arriving from all over the nation, in all modes of transportation, with one singular passion: art.

 This is a time for artists to renew their fond, encouraging, celebratory relationships with one another; it’s a time for collectors to connect with their favorite artists and fall in love with new, unique pieces of art – and the artists that create them.

This opportunity is singular in its vision – build relationships and expand the art, both for patrons and for artists. Collectors will have an opportunity to experience the creative process as our talented family of artists create a new piece, and take that experience (and artwork) home with them – ever to remember the beauty behind the piece displayed.

Artists will answer questions and converse with their patrons in a paneled forum – this is an opportunity to understand the emotion and the passion behind the projects.

Our vision is to expand the arts, encourage new emotions, educate, and fulfill. That’s the purpose behind our 11th Annual New Visions show.


What’s your New Vision?

Join Our Adventure

In the art world, there’s always something new and breathtaking to look forward to. In the wake of our beautifully successful OPA Western Regional Exhibition, we’ve fixed our eyes on our next big adventure. Because with what we do, every new piece, every new artist, and every new collector is part of an adventure.

In a few short weeks, we’ll be hosting the event that our whole community – artists and patrons alike – look forward to all year long. The 11th Annual New Visions Art Show will be held on March 29th and 30th at historic Ancestors Square in St. George.

This event brings artists and collectors from all over the world, and they look forward with genuine anticipation to the opportunity to connect – not only with their fans and patrons but also with each other. Our sister galleries are more than just a collaboration of enormously talented artists from all walks of life and all styles of art. It’s a family. And this event is our family reunion. Our artists find no competition amongst themselves – in contrast when one of our pieces of art finds a new home, among the first to issue sincere congratulations, is another of our artists. They truly celebrate one another’s talents and be grateful for their contributions to the world.

The artists converge for 2 days, outside our family of galleries at Ancestor Square. On the first day, you can find your favorite artist outside painting, talking shop, and meeting their favorite patrons. In the evening, we’ll host conversations with our artists. Patrons will have the opportunity to ask questions of their artists in a group setting and discover all you’ve wanted to know about their work.

On day two, you’ll find the artists doing what they do best – painting in the morning. In the afternoon, we’ll host our silent auction, where collectors who’ve come to meet their favorite artists can pick up a piece that they’ve watched them paint. It’s an enormously popular and emotional experience – after all, as Jerzy Kosinski said, ‘The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.’ This is the opportunity to own a piece of artwork that stirred an emotion inside you – something you experienced along with the artist as they painted.

We invite you to join us for our extended family reunion this year, the 11th Annual New Visions Art Show, and promise you an experience unlike any you’ve ever had before.